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Today, more than ever, security for your business is critically important. As a result of the unprecedented and exponential increase in risk to both life and property, the need for professional Armed Security Guard Services has never been greater. All companies, regardless of size, must ensure their security strategy is strong enough to protect their people and investments.

How do you effectuate the right solution?

Blue Angels Security Force has the capacity and experience, and the trained personnel, to help protect your business.

Our Personnel Haveā€¦

Walked/patrolled the hostile streets & have demonstrated their abilities to handle crises under pressure.
Conducted real law enforcement work, from drugs & firearms dealings to homicide investigations.
Served in the capacities of supervisors in those roles.
Frontline experience managing criminal investigations within the various communities of New York City, and throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Why Choose Us?

The Differentiating Factor

We effectuate the highest level of experienced security personnel in our industry. With a full complement of both retired and active-duty members of the law enforcement.

Don’t settle for another licensed security guard service. Our boots have been on the grounds since the crisis of the 90s through today and are ready to serve.

Constant Support

Highly Trained Staff

Latest Technology

Protecting your business is more than just keeping your property safe, it's about ensuring your safety and the safety of those who work for you.

Each business we serve is unique. We develop security strategies to fit your needs, and effectuate a deep roster of talent, with the unique expertise, training, knowledge, and experience needed to service your specific needs.

We match the mission with the right personnel.

Protecting your business Protecting your business

Know More About Blue Angels Security Force

Blue Angels Security Force is a privately owned and operated armed security & patrol services provider, licensed & bonded in the State of New York.

Our team is comprised of professionals with current and prior law enforcement membership, each with extensive experience and background serving within the City of New York.

We've "walked the walk & talked the talk in the city that never sleeps". We're not novices with gun licenses.

Our street knowledge, investigative background skills, and supervisory capabilities afford us the knowledge necessary to professionally and effectively engage with people of diverse backgrounds and social circumstances. From non-violent situations to violent confrontations, we’re able to assist and deescalate as needed, without ever compromising safety.

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